We strive to offer a seamless experience to our customers that entails any payment that our users or patients make. With this, we have a very smooth payment and the cancellation policy set below:

Users of Dhwanibharat can cancel the payment and learn about the status of payment by calling our Patient Experience Team at
(+91)-8595479002 or send an email to support@dhwanibharat.com

We recommend you to carefully read our policies, conditions as well as terms of use. This will give you all the important information regarding our obligations and your rights as our users or patients for any payment that you make on the payment link sent by us.

We strive to meet your expectations, make efforts to ensure all services are delivered as per the specifications of our customers and stick to the quality of care.

In case a payment made by you is failed, then it will be refunded back to the same payment mode. It will take a maximum of 7-15 Working Days for disbursal of refund.

Note: Dhwani bharat is not withholding any payment made by you that is failed. The total time in the process of refund is solely taken by Bank to process the transaction.